Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Freaking Morning, Kids.

I ate Doritos and a glass of Lemonade for breakfast this morning. 

It was a sight to behold too. I'm sitting here right now, noshing on this junk food before work. Stewing and pouting like a four year old. This week has been insane. BOTH of our cars are broken down, and we cannot afford to fix them at the moment. Why? Because we are behind on everything else. Not to mention we very nearly made a trip to the ER yesterday due to my son shoving a tiny Matchbox tire up his nose. Not just, a little bit up his nose, but WAY up there. That baby was practically invading his frontal lobes by the time he informed us of his predicament. 

Now i'm looking to send our kids to my parents house for a few days so Mr. Uncouth and I can put in some overtime next weekend. I really hate shipping our kids off to the grandparents, but it has to be done so we can catch up. So we can breathe. 

Days like these I find myself turning to Doritos, or whining, or a smoke on our balcony. But it seems pretty obvious what i'm missing, right? 

John 16:33
"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have trials: but be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world."
HE has overcome the world. 
My cars won't start and my kids are acting like lunatics and I don't have enough money......But HE has overcome the world. 
I may be angry and petulant right now,
but I am loved
I am blessed
I am saved.  Because HE overcame the world. 
Maybe it's not a good freaking morning, but just a good morning. Because He overcame all the days before it. 
Praise God for a savior.

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